General Structure

General structure #

nuplayer is meant to be used as a LAN application. Each nuplayer device has a wired or wireless Ethernet connection although a copper based connection is preferred. Please use only 1000BASE-T (Gigabit) capable Ethernet switches and the appropriate cabling.

For the most part, Cat. 5E cables are sufficient but be aware of the maximum cable length. The shorter, the better.

Setup & Connection topology #

General structure and topology

Fig.: Basic nuplayer setup that incorporates multiple nuplayer devices, an Ethernet Switch, wiring and a computer running nuplayer Server

Depending on your use case, nuplayer can be incorporated into existing networks. Factors like amount of nuplayer devices, the content you plan to display (e.g. streaming) and other general network usage account for

amount of nuplayer devices streamed content other usage of the network If you plan to display static content and some streamed content