Working with playlists

Working with playlists #

Creating a playlist #

Playlists can consist of videos, still images and streams. Open the PLAYLISTS window and create a new playlist by clicking ADD . You are then prompted to enter a name for the new playlist.

Distributing content to Playlists #

In order to be able to add tasks to playlists, both the destination playlist and the desired mediafiles have to be selected/highlighted. To do so, click the playlist you want to add items to in the left part of the PLAYLISTS window. Then in the MEDIAFILES window, select the according item(s) to be added. By clicking ADD TO PLAYLIST these items get added as tasks to your playlist. Alternatively you can double-click your selection or use . To add tasks to another playlist, change your selection in the PLAYLISTS window and renew or keep your selection in the MEDIAFILES window.

Editing a playlist #

Playlists can have multiple and also duplicate tasks. The arranged order of tasks determines the order of playback on a nuplayer device. To change the order, select a task you wish to move and then click MOVE UP or MOVE DOWN accordingly.
To set the playback length of a still image, click IMAGE LENGTH and enter values for (from left to right) hours, minutes, seconds and click OK or hit

Pushing a playlist to a nuplayer device #

When done with adding tasks and editing, select the device(s) in the DEVICES window you want to send your playlist to and click SYNC in the PLAYLISTS window. Potential playback will be halted and nuplayer starts downloading the playlist tasks. You can push and syncronize multiple devices at once.

To save bandwidth and time, nuplayer only downloads new files when re-syncing the same playlist. When you change files by hand clear the content of the device first and then syncronize the playlist or change the file name.