Getting started

Getting started with nuplayer #

Fundamentals #

nuplayer & nuplayer Server is a playback and broadcasting solution for macOS and tvOS devices. It is mandatory to have an Apple TV for playback and computer capable of running macOS for administration and configuration through nuplayer Server. Each have their own system requirements as you can read below. For further considerations in this manual, the tvOS App will be referred to as ’nuplayer’ or ’nuplayer device(s)’ and the macOS App as ’nuplayer Server'.

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nuplayer #

nuplayer is a tvOS App running on Apple TV devies that can be downloaded for free from the tvOS App Store. It is capable of playing static content such as video files or still images. nuplayer will also play various streamed video formats. All content is provided through an IP based Ethernet network.

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nuplayer Server #

nuplayer Server manages and orchestrates your nuplayer devices and is built to run on macOS computers. This application is only needed to set up and monitor nuplayer devices hence a stand-alone playback of each device is possible.

Support #

Feel free to contact us at or send your questions or feedback via Email to Please be aware that we can’t offer emergency support of any kind but we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

License #

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