General workflow

General workflow #

Select a Session Folder #

The first step is to select a so called Session Folder which inherits all media files you want to play and show on your nuplayer devices. Use O or open the MEDIAFILES window by clicking MEDIAFILES in the TOOLBOX window. Then click SESSION FOLDER and select your desired path. Files that are being placed in subdirectories of the Session Folder will not show in the MEDIAFILES list. You can utilize this behaviour and “park” files in subdirectories to keep your list clean.

It is recommended to create a new directory in Finder and then copy all of your needed content to it.

Prepare devices #

nuplayer devices available show up in the DEVICES window. Upon starting nuplayer on an Apple TV, the device begins to send feedback pakets via UDP-Broadcast. nuplayer and nuplayer Server need to be in the same IP subnet (for example to be able to send commands to nuplayer. Verify that the IP-Address of the nuplayer device is valid and within the same subnet. Please refer to the setting up an Apple TV section of this documentation for setting an IP-Address. After that you may rename the nuplayer device to something that represents the device location or something else memorable. Finally, you can set a background picture for the Map and place the nuplayer device accordingly.

Whenever nuplayer is put to background or closed, no communication is possible via nuplayer Server

Prepare playlists, schedules and syncronize #

To be be able to play back something on nuplayer, all media files have to be distributed through playlists. Create playlists, fill them with content and then syncronize those with your nuplayer devices. Whenever you change something in a playlist, you have to syncronize this playlist again. This also applies to schedules. Schedules also consist of playlists. Schedules can have multiple tasks (playlists) and each playlist can also have multiple tasks (media files). To be able to create a schedule task you need to create a playlist first. Afterwards, syncronize the schedule and nuplayer will start the playback based on your settings.

Managing content #

If you want to add files to your media files pool, simply drag & drop a file to the MEDIAFILES window. This will effectivaly copy these files to your Session Folder. When dropping files, a green background color indicates that this file is compatible, otherwise it would turn red. Dragging and dropping multiple files together with incompatible ones will still import the compatible files. You can also click IMPORT for the same functionality.
To quickly access files from Finder, simply make a selection in the MEDIAFILES list and click SHOW IN FINDER . Your made selection will be passed to the Finder window. When you change or add files by hand to your Session Folder, you need to reload the MEDIAFILES list by clicking RELOAD .
REPLACE lets you quickly replace the selected files with new ones. The list reloads automatically afterwards.

Export & Import #

When you want to start over and not lose your progress, you can export your current session including all playlists, schedules, map settings, map background picture and Session Folder path (not the inherited files) by clicking File->Export or pressing E. Later, you can import this file by using File->Import or I.

Starting over with a new session #

To clear all playlists, schedules, Session Folder and map, click File->New Session or press N. To reset everything to defaults, go to nuplayer Server->Settings... and click Reset to default Settings in the “General” tab.